Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Introducing "Scraptastic Ideas"!

Hello stampers! I am introducing a fabulous NEW category that will appear on my blog from time to time called, "I'm a Scraptastic Idea!" What is it? Well, if you're like me you might just have a little pile of scraps on your crafting table such as extra punched pieces of card stock, or little stamped pieces that you made to put on an item, but in the end decided not to and you couldn't bring yourself to throw them away. Well, it's time to put those extra little pieces to good use! From time to time, when I am looking for inspiration, I decide to use some of my "scraps" to make a masterpiece (and hopefully make my scrap pile a little smaller at the same time and reclaim some space on my table.)

These were some of the scraps sitting on my craft table...

And from them, these two cards were created:

With the snowman, I actually took 2 of the snowflake textured card stock pieces and put them next to each other. The Real Red framelit hides their seam. Two fun and quick cards! Hopefully inspiration will strike you and your scraps! Happy Stamping!