Saturday, March 7, 2015

One Last Thing For Kelli

With attending Leadership this year, anyone who knows me knows I am a picture taking machine at events like this. Okay. Okay. I take A LOT of pictures A LOT of the time no matter where I'm at! I confess! It's just something about catching moments and memories in life that intrigues me and makes me happy! You've seen pics highlighting the trip, and you've seen all the "pillow gifts" I made for Kelli (Hi again girlie!), and now you get to see the fun card I made her that accompanied two cd's of all the pics I took. Thought she would enjoy having all 437 pictures as much as me! LOL (Yes, I took that many photos in 5 days.) 

I modeled the card after the bags we were given. Remember this pic -

The bag is on the left hand side. And you may not know but the inside of our bags was a wonderful Coastal Cabana color! So I had to mimic that too! Here's the inside of the card -

Complete with pocket and Stampin' Up logo tag! Oh, sometimes I just have to chuckle at myself for what comes out of my creative mind! LOL  This concludes my Leadership wrap up! Happy Stamping!

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